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Hello and welcome. I wrote eBook Farming: How to Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas to help average, everyday real people to create income streams of their own. Click here to learn more about me.

eBook Farming Facts

~ Over 46,000 words!
This is no cheesy little report pretending to be an eBook - there is real substance here.

~ 2,000 Resources!
There are links to about 2,000 resources:
  Research sites
  Writing sites
  Government sites
  Reference sites
  Search engines places to get your eBook listed, places to get it reviewed, where to find eBook software (some free!), places that will process credit cards for you, places that will run an affiliate program for you, and so much more.

~ Over 300 Hours!
Actually, it's probably closer to 500 hours worth of research and writing in the creation of this product, I lost track after a while.


"Your chapter on your success philosophy is awe inspiring. I can't tell you how good it is because it's THAT good! Thank you for sharing all you know."
~ Rexanne Mancini

"I love it! Dennis Gaskill's eBook Farming is a terrific value. With this information, you can launch a successful writing career, even if you're broke."
Eva Rosenberg

"There's nothing else like it. A comprehensive step-by-step guide on making money with your own words. It's finally here, farming that pays!"
~ Don Hunter
Ark Valley Web Works

Thank you Dennis. I have been a fan for some time now, and for the first time in my life, I want to thank somebody for parting me from my spondoolies (money).

If every thing in the world was as sincere as this publication there would be no wars, plus and PLUS what a wonderful world this would be.

I am proud to be associated with you and what you are trying successfully to achieve.

After the first reading, the motivation is there already. I have a lot to learn, but I know I will get there now. THANK YOU!
~ Roy Palmer


Are You Serious About Wanting To Discover Financial Freedom So You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams? It's No Accident. In Less Time Than You Might Think, I Can Show You How To Start!

There are more people trying to sell you the Secrets of Getting Rich on the Internet than there are individuals actually making their living at it. In fact, most are just hoping to earn a second income while claiming they can show you how to make a fortune! Shhh. They've bought some resell rights, set up shop with high hopes and promise you fantastic wealth...only to be hugely disappointed themselves. These "experts" come and go faster than the seasons.

I'm not a professional marketer. I'm not trained in crafting slick sales pages. I don't even claim to be an expert, but I do earn my living from the Internet. I've been in business online since 1997. It's my only job, I work from the comfort of my home, I live well, and set my own hours. You can too, and I'd like to show you how.

Yes, These 4 Proven Steps Will Help You Learn How To Create Your Own Hot Information Products With Ease!

eBook information products are among the hottest selling products on the net.The beauty of it is that anyone can create eBooks. In eBook Farming, I show you everything you need to know to create automated income streams from your own eBooks - and yes, you CAN write eBooks - remember, I'm going to show you how. It's a simple as this:
  1. Research it.
  2. Write it.
  3. Create it.
  4. Market it.

That's all there is to it! Plenty of others are earning money from ebooks that are no smarter than you are. You too can make good money on the Internet, and eBook Farming shows you exactly what you need to do. Each eBook you create can be an ongoing income stream that can earn money for you 24/7.     [ Example Income Stream ]

Don't Be A Dog On A Leash

Sadly, there are those who will say anything to sell you their get-rich-quick schemes. There are private sites and marketing clubs that take your money and give you precious little useful information, all the while continually trying to sell you more products as though it's the last step to solving the mystery of actually making money online. They'll lead you on like a dog on a leash if you let them. I know, I was one of the dogs they led around in the beginning. eBook Farming isn't like that, there is nothing else you have to buy.

Reality Check! The Truth About Internet Income

There really is no mystery. There is no automatic way to wealth. There are those who have their own products and those who don't. Those who have their own products are the ones making the REAL money.

You're never going to gain wealth working for someone else or selling other people's products. You need your own products so you can keep the BIG piece of the money pie instead of a little slice! eBook Farming will show you how to get your hunk of pie.


What Everybody Should Know...eBooks Are The Perfect Product

Anyone that can read, write, and type can create eBooks and develop multiple income streams from them. There is some work involved, but it's clean work and it isn't that difficult either. How hard is it to sit on your rear end and read and type?

eBooks are perfect products because:

  • There is a high profit margin,
  • They are easy to deliver,
  • They never need to be re-stocked,
  • They have a high perceived value,
  • They offer instant gratification to customers,
  • They can be sold and delivered over and over for pennies,
  • They can take as little as a few hours to develop,
  • They can be developed, marketed, and sold in your spare time!

Your own eBook product(s) can be your ticket to a better life. It's well within reach for you to create additional income streams that will enhance your lifestyle to a very worthwhile degree. Plus, there is always the chance that you could hit the jackpot - it only takes one product that catches fire to become rich.

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Could Make More Money!"

What would you do with additional income? Buy a nicer car? Buy a house? Pay off debts? Take a dream vacation? Put the kids through college? Buy a boat? Or perhaps you'd just start saving more for the future.

Whatever your goals are, know this - you don't have to be a rocket scientist to create your own quality eBooks. Your work ethic and character count for more than your IQ. Any person of average intelligence can do this, and eBook Farming shows you the way.

You will learn:

  • How to generate eBook ideas,
  • How to conduct research,
  • The essential ingredients of success,
  • How to create compelling titles that sell,
  • Where the software is and how to use it (including FREE software),
  • How to create a web site for your eBook and optimize it for search engines,
  • Where to list your eBook,
  • Where to get it reviewed,
  • How to price it,
  • How to take credit card payments even if you don't have a merchant account,
  • How to create an affiliate program cheaply and put others to work selling for you,
  • ...and much more - just look at the table of contents on the right side of this page.

Do You Want To Quit Your Job Someday?

With eBook Farming you will know how to make more money. The mystery is solved, and the door is opened for you to begin getting ahead in life. I'm not making get-rich-quick promises, it probably won't happen overnight. I started out part time, hoping to eventually quit my job at a paper mill and just work for myself. I started in 1997, and by 1999 I was indeed working full time for myself and have been ever since then. Even with the downturn in the economy, my income has continued to increase. You see, information products never go out of style. People are willing to pay for what they want to know - always have been, always will be.

As If That's Not Enough!

Just look at these seven great FREE bonuses you get...

FREE Bonus #1 (.exe or .pdf format)

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

This is considered by many to be the "Bible" of the advertising world. Originally published in 1923, many feel it is still the best primer about advertising ever written. Many modern marketing guru's base their strategies on the foundations laid out in this book. The book is out of print now, but I'll give you the eBook version for free!

FREE Bonus #2 (.exe format only)

The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages by Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver is a well-known and successful Internet Marketer, and a good guy. With this, you'll learn human behavior is consistent. The same creative advertising techniques that have worked throughout the ages still work today. Learn what they are.

FREE Bonus #3 (.exe format only)

Practical DotCom Business by Stewart Hutton

Stewart shows you where and how to base your business on the Internet, how to decide what the right "subject" is for you, and also covers combining design, layout and content to create your site and how to add relevant, dynamic content. You'll also learn how you can sell "rebranded" products with no inventory or investment, and traffic generating techniques that work... and those that don't.

FREE Bonus #4 (.exe format only)

Magic Letters by Alan Says

How To Write So People Buy Now! If you want to make money on the Internet, this eBook reveals the methods used by history's greatest direct response marketers. A great supplement to eBook Farming!

FREE Bonus #5 (.exe format only)

Marketing Warrioress Tips by Jan Tallent-Dandridge

Jan has put together a nice little eBook of her online experiences. This is an especially useful product for "newbies" featuring Jan's best articles and observations.

FREE Bonus #6 (.pdf format only)

Online Business Basics by Angela Wu

Down to earth, practical information for anyone not versed in online business practices.

FREE Bonus #7 (for Windows)

Aesop Award Submitter

A nice, time-saving software program that automatically submits your web site to nearly 100 Award sites. It also has a built in "Update" feature to keep the submission sites current, as well as tips on getting one of the Top 8 awards of the web. Awards can bring thousands of visitors to your site in just a few days time.

Is Improving Your Life Worth $27.00?

That's all eBook Farming costs, just $27.00. I could charge a lot more, but I wanted anyone with a serious desire to improve their finances to be able to afford it. After all, those with the most serious needs couldn't afford the prices many others charge for products that teach you how earn an Internet income, so why price it out of reach? I wanted everyone to have a door to income creation, but you don't have to take my word for it that eBook Farming can teach you how to make money online. There is a money-back guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee Here's my clean and simple, no risk offer. Try eBook Farming at my risk for 30 days. If you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll refund the full price. You have nothing to lose and financial freedom to gain.

eBook Farming is only $27.00. Some other products sell for twice as much and give you half the info - it's a very low price considering the product teaches you how to make money, plus you get the 7 great bonus items. Remember... get from where you are to where you want to be, you have to take the first step. Are you ready to change your life?

Instant Access!

You will have instant access to eBook Farming after your purchase. Once you make the purchase you will be immediately taken to the download area so you can get started right away. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, MasterCard-Debit, Visa-Debit, Bravo, and Novus cards are accepted.

Break free from the cycle of just getting by...
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PS: Are You Getting What You Want in Life? If you're not getting what you want in life, I can tell you one certainty: if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. If you want to get more, you have to do something different.

Be bold and break the mold - or keep getting the same old, same old!

Life is just too short to spend 8 hours or more a day working to line someone else's pocket with money - especially if you don't love what you're doing. Life should be about living it to the fullest, not living it just to pay bills. I encourage you to do something positive toward your own good!

Order Now and Start Something Good

PPS - If you join my Affiliate Program you might earn enough in commissions to pay for your copy of eBook Farming before you even finish creating your first eBook product. I offer a generous 33% commission so it only takes three referrals. Get started today!

  How to Make Money Selling eBooks

Table of Contents

Click the highlighted text to read an excerpt from that chapter.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is an eBook
  3. Why You Should Start NOW
  4. When Isn't Research Copyright Infringement
  5. Five Myths About Intellectual Property Copyrights
  6. Why Sell Info-Products
  7. But Why An eBook
  8. Why People Would Pay for Your Information
  9. I'm Convinced, How Much Can I Make
  10. Making Money Isn't The Only Benefit
  11. It All Starts with an Idea
  12. The Magic Key to Success and Profits
  13. The Essential Ingredients of Success
  14. How to Generate Topic Ideas
  15. Researching
  16. General Search Tips
  17. Power Search Tips
  18. Web Information Managers
  19. Getting Started Writing
  20. The Worst Mistake You Can Make
  21. 25 Writing Tips
  22. 30 Ideas to Overcome Writer's Block
  23. Some Causes of Writer's Block
  24. What NOT to Do When You Can't Write
  25. Creating a Title that SELLS
  26. Free eBooks and Viral Marketing
  27. Final Quality Check
  28. eBook Compilers (and How to Use The One I Use)
  29. How to Price Your eBook
  30. Developing a Web Site for Your eBook
  31. Web Site Design Basics
  32. Web Site Search Engine Optimization
  33. Search Engine Submissions
  34. Getting Your eBook Reviewed for Publicity
  35. 34 Other Places to List Your eBook
  36. What to Do If You Can't Take Credit Cards
  37. Create an Affiliate Program Easily and Cheaply
  38. 56 Places to List Your Affiliate Program
  39. Reverse Marketing Tactic
  40. 27 Tips to Increase Sales

Bonus Section

  1. Grammar Tips
  2. HTML Maker,
    Meta Tag Maker,
    Character Counter,
    Color Tweaker
  3. Final Encouragements
  4. My Success Philosophy
  5. Special Offers
  6. Tons of Online Resources!

More Testimonials

"Dennis has a way of painting a very complete picture - regardless of the subject matter. His writing is so clear and easy to understand, that the whole process of writing, publishing and making money with eBooks seems deceptively simple! That's because he walks you through all the necessary steps, providing samples, encouragement and outstanding resources!! Regardless of whether it's his web site, his software, or his tutorials, you can always count on the quality being first rate. 'eBook Farming' is another great example of how well he walks his talk!"
~ Katie Darden,
Business and Career Coach,
Career Life Institute

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